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About us

The Galician Aeronautical Consortium was created in 2007 by Asime, who has been its coordinator and spokesperson ever since. It is currently made up of more than 30 members and brings together companies, universities and technology centres from the Autonomous Community of Galicia that are leaders in the aeronautical and aerospace sector.

This whole business and institutional conglomerate forms the technological vanguard of Galicia, grouping together several regular suppliers of the main Spanish and European TIER 1, as well as aerospace agencies such as the ESA or NASA.

Within the activities and processes carried out for the aeronautical industry, the following stand out especially: Engineering (product design and structural calculation), mass production of carbon fibre (Lay-up, curing and inspection), design and production of aeronautical tools, and machining of such diverse and innovative materials as titanium or honeycomb.

Finally, it should be noted that he is a founding patron of CINAE (Galician Aerospace Innovation Centre Foundation) and that he participates in such important activities as the UAV’S Initiative project in As Rozas (Lugo), being a member of the Advisory Council, or the creation of the university degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Enrique M. Mallón Otero

Greetings from the president

Enrique M. Mallón Otero

The Galician Aeronautical Consortium is developing a plan for the promotion, growth and consolidation of the aeronautical and aerospace industry in Galicia since its origin.

Our main objective is to strengthen this industrial activity that is attracting and can attract even more benefits for our autonomous community.

We bring together companies and also universities, technology centres and other agents involved with the Galician aeronautical and aerospace sector. And for this reason, we are the representative entity of this activity in which we develop actions in the field of international relations, training, innovation, commercial promotion, among others.

We have managed to put Galicia on the national and international map of the aeronautical and aerospace industry and we will continue to develop our plans for Galicia, thereby causing greater economic, industrial and knowledge growth in our community.
Main objectives

Goals of CAG

The Galician Aeronautical Consortium has been developing a plan for the promotion, growth and consolidation of the aeronautical and aerospace industry in Galicia since 2007.
Continuous development of the Strategic Plan and White Paper of the aeronautical industry in Galicia.
Performing technological and capacity diagnostics for CAG companies.
Visits to plants and factories as well as sector fairs of interest at national and international level.
Promotion of activities for the integration of companies in the aeronautical sector.
Coordination and promotion of certification programs in relation with aeronautical sector.
Specific training programs.
airplane at takeoff seen from the bottom in the airport landing strip at sunset.
Galician Aeronautical Consortium
Registered office at Vigo.
Avenida Doctor Corbal 51, C.P. 36207 Vigo – Pontevedra
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